• Mute the Charm
  • Look Alive
  • Gone Jungle
  • "Take a Minute" by Unwed Sailor
  • Firecracker / Take A Minute / Ruby's Wishes Medley - Live at Historian Recording Co.
  • "Tour" EP by Unwed Sailor
  • Seven Swans
  • "Little Wars" by Unwed Sailor
  • "The White Ox" by Unwed Sailor
  • "Circles" EP by Unwed Sailor
  • "The Marionette and the Music Box" by Unwed Sailor
  • "Firecracker '01" by Unwed Sailor
  • "The Magic Hedge" by Unwed Sailor
  • "Stateless" by Unwed Sailor & Early Day Miners
  • Circle of Birds
  • "The Faithful Anchor" by Unwed Sailor
  • "Firecracker" EP by Unwed Sailor



Date: July 25, 2024
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am

Indianapolis, IN





  • "Underwater Over There" CD

    “Underwater Over There” CD

  • "Underwater Over There" vinyl

    “Underwater Over There” Vinyl

  • Mute the Charm Vinyl

    “Mute the Charm” Vinyl

  • Mute the Charm CD

    “Mute the Charm” CD

  • “Truth or Consequences” CD

  • “Truth or Consequences” Vinyl

  • “Truth or Consequences” Cassette

  • “Look Alive” Cassette

  • “Look Alive” Vinyl

  • “Look Alive” CD

  • “Heavy Age” Cassette

  • “Heavy Age” Vinyl



“A late-night drive to nowhere, built on journeying melodies and throttling atmosphere. Unwed Sailor’s shoegazing, new wave escapism is very deeply felt right now” NPR

Unwed Sailor’s beloved album “Mute the Charm” is post-rock with an unwavering pulse, tightly wound connective tissue, and self-proclaimed shades of everything from The Stone Roses to Seam. Bandcamp (Album of the Day)

(Unwed Sailor’s) “Truth or Consequences” is poignant and poised, intimate but ambitious in its pursuit of connection. Under the Radar

For more than two decades, Ford has led the post-rock band Unwed Sailor. In that time, Ford has steered the band through a searching string of albums, incorporating the influence of ambient music, shoegaze, new age, math rock, and drone into its body of work, which constitutes one of the greatest under-recognized discographies in all of indie rock. Aquarium Drunkard