June 22, 2005

There is a new Unwed Sailor forum available now, which you can go to right here. The full site development is coming along pretty well, and I hope to have many other, much more animated sections up soon. For now, enjoy the forum!

UPDATE: Sorry, everyone. There is some massive server error that knocked out all the message boards I was hosting on that server, including the Unwed Sailor one. Hopefully it’ll be back up and running soon, but as of right now there’s nothing I can do since it appears to have just shut down for no good reason.

UPDATE 2: After speaking with technical support, they said an “emergency error” occurred on the server that was holding the Unwed Sailor message board database, as well as another board I run. Who knows why, but I guess it should be resolved within 24 hours. Thanks a lot to all those who have signed up and posted thus far! Good to see it being used! Hopefully this won’t happen again…

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