November 16, 2006

Today brings a bit of bad news from Unwed Sailor’s fall booking agent:

“I’m very sorry to say this, but due to personal circumstances beyond anyone’s control Unwed Sailor has been forced to cancel their entire tour. The reasons are far complicated and I don’t even know half of it, but certain members of the band were at the last minute unable to be a part of this tour. Due to loss of these members, there is absolutely no way Johnathon or the rest of the guys can continue this tour.

There is nothing Johnathon and the rest of the guys wanted more than to be out there playing these shows. We were expecting these to be some of the best shows to date as the band just finished successful tours with Murder By Death, Appleseed Cast and MeWithoutYou. The response to this tour so far has been amazing and the amount of press and promotion that went into the tour by the band, their label, you guys has been very strong.

The band promises to move on and get back on their feet as soon as possible and re-schedule these dates in the next couple of months.
Thank you very much for understanding.”

Bojan Jovanovic
Booking Agent

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