June 22, 2005

There is a new Unwed Sailor forum available now, which you can go to right here. The full site development is coming along pretty well, and I hope to have many other, much more animated sections up soon. For now, enjoy the forum!

UPDATE: Sorry, everyone. There is some massive server error that knocked out all the message boards I was hosting on that server, including the Unwed Sailor one. Hopefully it’ll be back up and running soon, but as of right now there’s nothing I can do since it appears to have just shut down for no good reason.

UPDATE 2: After speaking with technical support, they said an “emergency error” occurred on the server that was holding the Unwed Sailor message board database, as well as another board I run. Who knows why, but I guess it should be resolved within 24 hours. Thanks a lot to all those who have signed up and posted thus far! Good to see it being used! Hopefully this won’t happen again…

June 14, 2005

Hello there! I know that there’s been a “coming soon” sign posted on this site for probably over half a year, so you may have given up hope by now. The old Web developer had one too many projects to work on, which was likely a big reason this site has seemed stagnant for awhile. However, as of today, I’ll be starting in on it, and as far as I can tell, I’m going to have a lot more time to invest in this. In fact, to prove it, there are a couple of links to Web versions of both The Marionette and the Music Box and Circle of Birds to the right where you can listen to them in their entirety and look at the wonderful illustrations by Jamie Hunt.

Unwed Sailor is on tour right now in support of two new albums that they’re currently working on. To see if they’re playing somewhere near you, check the tour dates link at the top.

This page is only temporary, since I’m still unsure what the final design will be like, but I’m going to try hard to get some stuff up that everyone will enjoy.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for new site content, or if you have comments on the two Web books, you can let me know by clicking here.

Thanks again for your patience! We very much appreciate it!

Justin Norman & Unwed Sailor