October 1, 2009

For those of you who have hoped to catch both Unwed Sailor and Johnathon’s new project, Native Lights on tour, you’re in luck. A new fall tour is in the works during which both bands will play, and some of the dates have already been announced! New Native Lights recordings are also being wrapped up, and will likely make their way onto the web sometime soon!

May 13, 2009

Summer is here and with it, some interesting new developments. Unwed Sailor will be taking a break from their near-incessant touring to write and record new material. But fret not! There will still be a small handful of shows, including DFest, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Aside from that, Johnathon will also be playing shows in a new band called Native Lights, whose music you can check out by clicking the link fifteen words before this one. Native Lights will also be gracing the aforementioned Fest of the D with their sumptuous sounds.

January 25, 2009

Good day to you all. You look wonderful. 2009 is now bearing down upon us with all its glory and Unwed Sailor is doing its part to fill this year with every synoym for “amazing” you can possibly think of. For starters, the new record History is continuing to be worked on throughout the spring and new U.S. and European tours are in the works. On top of that, there are many new items in the store to be purchased with your hefty wads of cash. Vinyl versions of several releases, two new shirts, Circle of Birds finally back in stock, and more! Take a look if you don’t believe me, and even if you do.