November 15, 2007

Greetings! Unwed Sailor has finished mixing Little Wars. The album contains nine songs which clock in at 42 1/2 minutes. The 2xLP version will include two bonus tracks, one remix and one track recorded as part of the Little Wars sessions. Here’s a bit more information on the album from the press write-up:

This new full-length has been a concept for several years, the band playing a track or two as part of their live set. “Copper Islands” is a building block for the album and has been part of the live show over the last few years. Little Wars is the band’s most ambitious and complex release yet, building on melodic lessons and recording techniques learned over the last several albums. Not content to follow up with their energetic 2000 debut full-length, The Faithful Anchor, with a mere sequel, the band recorded 2003’s The Marionette and the Music Box, challenging its fan base with a Peter and the Wolf inspired, classically influenced fairytale.

In 2006, Unwed Sailor released the Circles EP and The White Ox full-length that further departed from their live performance sound, exploring Eno/Lanois ambient recording techniques, resulting in a brooding, gloomy ambient opus wrapped in southwestern imagery. Little Wars reflects both the depth and breadth that Unwed Sailor has developed through these diverging releases and its live show. The songs are energetic and highly melodic, but gently colored and focused by layered keyboards and percussion with a delicate ambience. It also marks the recording return of Matt Putman, Matt Depper, and Nic Tse who recorded The Marionette and the Music Box with Johnathon Ford. The current live line-up – Brooks Tipton, Patrick Ryan, and Andy Haldeman – also played extensively on Little Wars with Phillip Blackwell of Questions in Dialect and occasional live/studio member of Unwed Sailor providing the remix for the vinyl version. The official retail release date is going to be 18 March 2008.

So, there you have it! Keep checking back here and hopefully we’ll have more information and/or sound clips available as the release date gets closer.

October 27, 2007

Here’s a quick update to let you know some good news! Little Wars, which I mentioned last month had been completed, is now scheduled for a March 2008 release! Just thought I’d mention that, since it narrows down the release period from “spring” to a specific month. While you’re waiting though, you can catch Unwed Sailor on tour with Lotus by checking out the tour page.

September 9, 2007

Greetings, everyone! I just wanted to give you a quick update about the new Unwed Sailor album, Little Wars. It’s currently slated for completion in October, with a release date now set for spring of next year. In the meantime, as usual, you can check the continuously updated string of tour dates to catch the band live in a nearby city!